April 28, 2011

A new virtual gallery, art market & auction house for Australasia

Ocula co-founders Simon Fisher & Christopher Taylor

It's the art world, but not as we know it. The rise of the internet as a central place to research, buy and sell art continues with the launch this week of Ocula, a new online portal that offers collectors the chance to indulge in what is effectively an online art fair operating around the clock and 365 days a year.

Ocula co-founders Simon Fisher & Christopher Taylor (pictured) believe the site will act as a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in buying, selling or exploring contemporary and modern visual art.  Certainly, the list of founding partner galleries will assure users of the quality of the offerings on Ocula, with names such as Anna Schwartz Gallery, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Tolarno Galleries, Sutton Galleries and Michael Lett.

Don't miss the virtual galleries in the online auction area of Ocula. Created using world-leading 3D modelling technology this feature allows viewers to experience artworks as is they appeared in an actual gallery space.

April 23, 2011

First. One. Thing. Then. Another

Jess MacNeil First. One. Thing. Then. Another
London-based Australian artist Jess MacNeil commented on this work, in which she has painted directly onto orange acrylic sheets: "the images and objects.. trace and respond to nuanced shifts in time and space: the sliding of the gaze over the landscape, individuals transitioning through public space and the trails left by the artist's own body via the motion of the camera and the gestures of the brush". The painting was sourced by [art]iculate for a commercial office space in Sydney.

April 19, 2011

New work by Emily Floyd

Emily Floyd 'An Open Space'. Copyright the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery
Melbourne-based contemporary artist Emily Floyd will unveil an exhibition of new work entitled 'An Open Space' at Anna Schwartz Gallery, and running from 28 April until 28 May. 

Whilst much of Floyd's practice is concerned with text and the written word, she is also known for her large-scale public art installations such as the giant bird & worm sculpture on Victoria's Eastlink freeway commission. Both elements are fused in this new exhibition in Melbourne.  The artist chatted with Melbourne's Broadsheet about her practice earlier this year, which can be read here.

April 11, 2011

Behind the scenes at the museum

Sydney-based contemporary artist Silke Raetze is the first artist to have had works shown as part of an exhibition at the Australian Museum as the result of a three-month artist in residency, spent delving into their extensive collections of exotic Birds of Paradise specimens.  Silke will discuss her practice and the works in the exhibition at the Australian Museum as part of their Jurassic Lounge late night openings on Tuesday 12th April. This series of work will also be exhibited in a solo exhibition at Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay from 2 August until 3 September 2011.