September 30, 2014

Signs of Life exhibition explores art and science at UNSW Galleries

The UNSW Galleries opened last night with Signs of Life, a tripartite exhibition exploring the nexus between art and science. It is showing from 6 September to 8 November, 10am to 5pm at UNSW Galleries, corner of Oxford and Greens Road, Paddington.

The first program, Body Image, is curated by Felicity Fenner and Dr John McGhee. Visualisations of scientific data have didactic use but are also deliberately open-ended, leaving space for artistic interpretation.

In the second, Amnesia Lab, Professor Jill Bennett, Felicity Fenner and Shona Illingworth curate art to explore the human brain and memory. Rife with sensory impression, the viewer feels how images can trigger memory.

Quo Vadis: The Last Drawing Class reclaims the act of drawing in an image-saturated culture. Collections curated by Dr David McNeill on plant extinction, neo-liberal capitalism and the refugee experience evidence how drawing stays alive via its criticality.