November 1, 2010

Emerging artist Nathan Taylor sells out first major solo Sydney exhibition weeks before opening

Young Australian painter Nathan Taylor has pre-sold every work in his upcoming Sydney exhibition at Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay to be presented from 3 November until 3 December 2010.

Hobart-based Taylor has also accumulated a long waiting list for his exquisitely detailed paintings that feature the detritus of modern society’s consumer culture. The exhibition titled ‘Dead to the world’ represents Taylor’s first major solo exhibition in Sydney.

 Taylor’s paintings explore the disposable culture and unhealthy recreational consumption habits of today’s society. The detritus left behind from fast food and takeaway packaging provide the basis of the tension in the works, in which beauty and aesthetic attraction also reference darker notions of social failure and questionable social norms.

Artistic output for Taylor is painstakingly slow, with each painting taking him up to eight weeks of painting six-days a week to complete.

The waiting list for Taylor’s works has grown steadily with every work the artist has created over the past couple of years being secured by an art collector.  Taylor produces no more than ten paintings per year and the waiting list for this new exhibition already exceeds exhibited works by more than three-fold.

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