October 28, 2011

Shaun Gladwell's return to Sydney...

Shaun Gladwell 'I also live at one infinite loop' 2011
New video works, photographs and sculptures by Shaun Gladwell were unveiled at Anna Schwartz Gallery last night as part of the artist's first Australian commercial exhibition in five years.  

Works presented in 'Riding with Death: Redux' include a limited edition skateboard designed by Damien Hirst (from which Gladwell has erased his signature dot imagery); a video work of renowned Australian traceur Ali Kadhim performing dangerous street acrobatics; and a video filmed inside a military jet fighter.

Gladwell created the works in his London studio, on the streets of Sydney's CBD and in Afghanistan during his time as an official Australian war artist. The exhibition runs until 10 December 2011. (Image courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery Melbourne and Sydney.)

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