February 21, 2012

Thomas Demand: The Dailies

Thomas Demand Daily #7, 2008, (c) Thomas Demand, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn/Viscopy

Internationally renowned German artist Thomas Demand is set to transform an entire floor of the iconic Harry Seidler-designed MLC building in Sydney’s Martin Place for a new project entitled The Dailies.  Demand is installing his new series of photographic works inside 15 identical hotel rooms of the historic Commercial Travellers’ Association. 

Presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects and running from 23 March until 22 April 2012, The Daillies allows rare public access to the unusual mushroom-shaped building.  The photographic works recreate small fragments from the architecture and interiors of daily life – poetic details Demand describes as ‘The Dailies’ like rushes from films or daily newspapers.

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