July 4, 2013

Alexie Glass-Kantor curates international group exhibition for Anna Schwartz Gallery

Director of the Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces Alexie Glass-Kantor has curated a group exhibition of work by contemporary Australian and international artists, entitled You promised me, and you said a lie to me, to be presented at Anna Schwartz Gallery at Carriageworks from 5 October until 2 November 2013.

lass-Kantor has selected paintings, sculptures and video installations by contemporary artists from Australia and around the world, including: Heman Chong (Singapore); Susan Jacobs (Australia); Jesse Jones (Ireland); Laurent Grasso (France); Ming Wong (Berlin/Singapore); and Haegue Yang (South Korea). 
The title of the exhibition is taken from Donal Og, an 8th century Irish ballad translated by Lady Augusta Gregory (1852-1932), which draws out the startling language and un-resolvable nature of emotional confrontation.

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