June 14, 2014

Campbelltown Arts Centre celebrates youth culture in Western Sydney

Campbelltown Arts Centre presents The List, a major new art exhibition celebrating youth culture in Western Sydney, presented from 8 August until 12 October. Each new work in The List is the result of six months of collaboration and shared experiences between 13 artists and young people from the local community, establishing a platform for innovation and creative development that can expand into the future.

Director of the Campbelltown Arts Centre, Michael Dagostino, explains, "The youth population of Campbelltown sits at 22% of Campbelltown's overall population. We were therefore inspired to create a socially diverse project that really speaks to young people. By pairing this respected list of major contemporary artists with a broad range of local youth groups, we hope to explore ideas relevant to them and address social issues of utmost important to young people across the local community."

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