January 5, 2015

Five metre high Buddha sculpture created from 20 tonnes of incense ash under construction at Carriageworks

Sydney Buddha under construction today - the final compacting of ash and the beginnings of aluminium casing removal.
In association with Sydney Festival, Carriageworks is currently preparing to present the largest installation ever created for Australia by internationally acclaimed artist Zhang Huan. Sydney Buddha comprises two five-metre tall sculptures of Buddha; one created from aluminium, which acts as a mould for the second, created from 20 tonnes of ash collected from Buddhist temples in China. The ephemeral ash Buddha will gradually disintegrate over the course of the exhibition, affected by exposure to the environment.

The highly influential and provocative Chinese-born artist Zhang Huan began his career in 1990s Beijing. Sydney Buddha continues his fascination with contemporary life as he engages with rituals that are central to Buddhist, Chinese and Tibetan histories.
Sydney Buddha will be shown from 8 January to 15 March, 10am to 6pm at Carriageworks. Admission is free to the public. Zhang Huan will be giving a free public talk on 8 January at 4pm in the Carriageworks space.

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