May 4, 2015

Sydney Contemporary Fair Director curates video art exhibition for Sydney Film Festival

The 62nd Sydney Film Festival and Sydney Contemporary art fair have announced a jointly presented exhibition of video art to be presented at the Festival Hub in Town Hall from Thursday 4 June until 14 June, timed to coincide with the 2015 Sydney Film Festival.

Curated by Barry Keldoulis,  Sydney Contemporary Fair Director, the exhibition showcases works from 12 video artists from leading Australian and international galleries: Josh Azzarella (USA), Heath Franco (AUS), Deborah Kelly (AUS), Christian J. Heinrich (AUS), Juan Pablo Langlois (Chile), Nicolás Superby (Chile), Jess MacNeil (AUS, UK), Baden Pailthorpe (AUS), Cameron Robbins (AUS), Joan Ross (AUS), Allison Schulnik (USA) and Grant Stevens (AUS).

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