June 10, 2015

Emily Floyd unveils new exhibition at Anna Schwartz Gallery Melbourne

Melbourne-based artist Emily Floyd works in sculpture, printmaking and public installation.  Field Libraries, running from 5 June to 11 June at Anna Schwartz Gallery Melbourne, extends from her sculptural library project Labour Garden, previously presented at the 56th Venice Biennale. Comprised of 12 free standing painted aluminium sculptures, Field Libraries 2015 includes stacks of Fair Use booklets dedicated to eccentric perspectives on the subject of work, such as Zombie Marxism and Feminist Autonomism.  

Each Field Library incorporates utilitarian paperweights. Index, 2015 is a major new series of 50 unique screen prints, representing a catalogue of Floyd’s ongoing library project and was made in collaboration with Negative Press. In her work, Floyd seeks to generate spaces for social engagement and interaction to spark discussion over contemporary social, cultural and political potentiality. 

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