October 20, 2015

Kaldor Public Art Projects and Carriageworks present highly acclaimed French choreographer Xavier Le Roy

Kaldor Public Art Projects in collaboration with Carriageworks presents a groundbreaking new Project with world renowned choreographer Xavier Le Roy. Le Roy will develop a new exhibition Temporary Title, 2015, which will be informed by a series of open rehearsals and presented alongside three performances of Le Roy’s seminal solo work Self Unfinished.

Celebrated choreographer, performance artist and dancer Le Roy collaborates with Hong Kong based choreographer and dancer Scarlet Yu, and 18 Australian performers to develop and present this thought provoking exhibition Temporary Title, 2015, which premieres at Carriageworks on Friday 20 November 2015.

Le Roy has selected Australian performers from Melbourne and Sydney to collaborate closely in the development and presentation of this new work. A former molecular biologist, Le Roy brings a deep, critical, curiosity to his collaborative experimental process. Rather than instructing his performers to move using a specific technique, direction or tempo, he proposes ideas to be discussed and actualized in movement and form. In this new work, he invites the audience through a series of open rehearsals to participate in this unique process.

Le Roy’s 18 Melbourne and Sydney-based performers are drawn from a variety of ages, demographics, experience and performance backgrounds. They are: Natalie Abbott, Christine Babinskas, Geraldine Balcazar, Georgia Bettens, Eugene Choi, Matthew Day, Lauren Eiko, Peter Fraser, Ryuichi Fujimura, Alice Heyward, Becky Hilton, David Huggins, Marcus McKenzie, Kathryn Puie, Amaara Raheen, Darcey Wallace, Adam Warburton and Ivey Wawn.

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