June 27, 2011

Young British Artists... the next wave

 British artist duo Heather & Ivan Morrison's 'Four (from the Blackened Bone series) 2011

Ever wondered what the next wave of young British artists are exploring? A new exhibition entitled 'As the World Turns' offers Sydneysiders a rare opportunity to view the work of eight of London's hottest contemporary artists, aged between 30 and 39 years.

Curated by Nina Miall, Director of one of London's leading commercial galleries Haunch of Venison, the exhibition  includes a large suspended kite, memorabilia from a fictitious Kraut rock band and a recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons slowed to the speed of the earth's rotation.

As the World Turns runs at Anna Schwartz Gallery at CarriageWorks (245 Wilson St, Darlington) until 21 August 2011.

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