July 4, 2011

Vue de monde unveils major contemporary art commissions in new Rialto premises

Mikala Dwyer, 2011 (Installation detail)
Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne

The work of three contemporary artists will grace the new premises of Vue de monde at the Rialto in Melbourne.  

Owner and chef Shannon Bennett commissioned works by international artist Joseph Kosuth and Australian artists Mikala Dwyer and Emily Floyd.

Mikala Dwyer created an installation of transparent clouds crafted from industrial plastic that appear suspended above the Vue de monde bar to the backdrop of the city skyline. 

The installation was installed on the eve of a new solo exhibition of Dwyer's work to be opened at Anna Schwartz Gallery on Thursday 7 July. 

Dwyer describes the process of creating the sculptures as ‘sculpting emptiness’.  Her new exhibition adorns the gallery with sculptures and assemblages including ‘architectural jewellery’, a collaboratively made Ouija board, constructivist lamps and floating masses of zero-shaped balloons (pictured).

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